Andy Ledford

You’ve probably never heard of me because I’m just a regular guy. I go to work every day, eat dinner […]

Andy Ledford

You’ve probably never heard of me because I’m just a regular guy. I go to work every day, eat dinner with my wife and daughter every night, spend my weekends being a family man. I am most certainly no politician, and don’t want to be one either! Yet, all that’s exactly why I would make a good city councilman. 

Born and raised in Asheville, upon graduation from T.C. Roberson in 1992, I headed off to the US Navy.  I trained as a radar technician and was deployed overseas for three years. I came back home to Asheville in 1998 and I became employed in the telecommunications field. After losing my job in the 2002 bust, I made the most of that time, enrolling at AB Tech, then pursuing a career as a field service engineer. I went on to obtain my bachelor’s in business management. I now work in technical support. 

I am not a stranger to struggles, I’ve lost my job, drawn unemployment. But today, Asheville is a scarier place to live. I know business owners forced to shut down due to the economy. I knew people who’ve suffered from covid, and I’ve known people who died from addiction. 

I remember going downtown as a child in the 80’s…seeing all the boarded-up buildings, unkept sidewalks, vagrancy and panhandling. It was dangerous when the streets were eerily empty at night. But as the 90’s arrived, things began to change…we cleaned up our streets, renovated our buildings, found a niche for promoting what made us unique. We suffered through growing pains like a lack of parking, the influx of tourists back to our streets, endless construction zones, drops in our economy and yet…we thrived, we grew, we prospered, and we learned to celebrate our diversity and uniqueness for the next two decades. But in the last 3-4 years, a serious deterioration has revealed itself here. Businesses all around town are finding needles and even homeless their doorways. Intersections and exit ramps around town filled with panhandlers creating unsafe road conditions for themselves and drivers. Tunnel Road, Patton Avenue and River Ridge shopping center are inhabited by addicts and criminals that prey upon shoppers and business’s employees. Stabbings are in the news.

Today, my concern for my family’s safety is paramount. What has happened to Asheville? I want to stop this decline. I want to step in and do my part to set us on a better path for the future.

Local issues I am passionate about are: addressing infrastructure concerns and improvement of our roads and traffic, solving our homelessness/opioid crisis, and transparency of the budget. We desperately need fresh ideas and common-sense solutions for the many challenges Asheville faces. I want to see us implementing positive, permanent fixes that will serve us now and in the future.

As a member of City Council, I believe I can contribute positively and with enthusiasm to creating balance in our local government, and encourage an environment that not only promotes business, but also ensures citizens that our town will be safe once again.

My platform is based upon these values:

CONSERVATIVE: I value family and community. I most certainly am no politician, but I believe that’s exactly why I would make a good city councilman.

COMMON SENSIBLE and Solution Driven: I am life-experienced, and I problem-solve in a clear, no-nonsense manner, with old fashioned common sense. I troubleshoot problems by listening intently to clients, organizing and prioritizing information, then looking for creative and effective solutions. 

PRO BUSINESS: It’s past time to refocus on our business community. We must reinvest in them, encourage and promote them. I want to explore ways to help our businesses recover, grow, and expand. We need to provide them the research and resources needed to push forward successfully into 2022 and beyond.

COMPASSIONATE:  My heart hurts for my hometown and its citizens. It’s time to answer the call, step up and out and be a part of the team putting winning solutions in place. I will help my city to feel safe and once again become a place for all to enjoy.